Tsaile/Wheatfields Dineh Water Users

Mission Statement

To develop, promote, operate, and maintain water conservation systems to sustain agriculture and community activities in the Tsaile-Wheatfields-Blackrock community for present and future generations.

Vision Statement

Tsaile-Wheatfields-Blackrock Dineh Water Users vision is to have a sustainable supply of high quality water to support a prosperous agricultural community that nurtures healthy and happy families.

Tsaile-Wheatfields Dineh Water Users Goal

By 2020, 80% of infrastructure for water development will improve irrigation system and increase revitalizing of earthen dams for farmers and ranchers to utilize for growing healthier livestock so that they may develop a sustainable food security and economic opportunities for the community.

Farm Board’s Goal

By 2020, 100% of the farmlands will be put into production to add to the communities economy. This includes 20% production of fresh food crops to be accessible to the community, 10% production of native foods such as the berries to continue to be a food source to the community, and 70% production of forage crops to feed livestock owned by the farmers and ranchers in the community.

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Tsaile-Wheatfields Dineh Water User
P.O. Box A 115
Tsaile, Arizona 86556

Email: dinehwateruser@gmail.com
Phone: (928) 724-3564
Fax: (928) 724-3553

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