Micro Solar Kits

Living Energy Lighting and Charging Systems (LELCS)

In collaboration with the Living Energy Farm which is located in Virginia, USA. Their mission is to develop renewable energy systems that are affordable and durable to be installed homes and communities around the world.

The purpose of LELCS

To bring solar electric lighting and charging to people in low income communities who need and want them.

To establish and encourage the use of renewable energy in a manner that enhances the self-determination and sustainability of the communities where they are installed.

To train skilled installers and establish a supply chain such that the project may continue in the future without ongoing charitable donations.

What are LELCS?

LELCS are durable solar energy systems that can provide lighting for a small home, and charging services to charge cell phones, smart phones, and other devices. LELCS are built around core components that perform for decades. We have been using LELCS systems at Living Energy Farm for 10 years. We have been very pleased with the performance of these systems, and see it as our mission to provide them to communities around the world that do not have reliable electrical services.

If you are interested in receiving a solar kit, below is technical information about the Micro Solar Kit and the application which can be returned to the Tsaile/Wheatfields Dineh Water User’s office.

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