Our Main Project

The Tsaile/Wheatfields Farm Board established the TW-DWU non-profit organization to conduct business to collect operation & maintenance (O&M) fees from Land Use Permit holders to improve irrigation infrastructures. The TW-DWU was estabilished October 8, 2002 with the Internal Revenue Service and the NN Business Regulatory. The two organizations work collaboratively to build their capacity to become an effective resource and support to the farmers and ranchers of the community.

Wheatfields Agriculture Project

The Wheatfields Agriculture Project was funded by the Navajo Nation Permanent Trust Fund. The primary goal of the project is to build a healthy food system for its community and to contribute in strengthening its economy by improving water developments to INCREASE PRODUCTIVE FARMLANDS AND RANGELANDS. The project is a five year project to revitalize all 127 existing farmlands into production. TW-DWU offers various options to assist Land Use Permit Holders to develop their farm plots. The organization collects annual Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Fees to maintain and improve irrigation systems. Current initiatives are to install new irrigation systems for Upper Wheatfields and Tsaile farmland areas. Another current initiative with the project is to assist ranchers affiliated with a Range Management Unit (RMU) to revitalize earthen dams and to initiate water development.

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