Current Initiatives

Tribal Plant Nursery

Our people once relied upon native pants for forage, food, medicine and crafting. The establishment of a TPN is intended to revitalize these uses by growing native plants for conservation, restoration, and education. The TPN consists of a climate controlled greenhouse and several plots within the Tsaile Dine College Campus. The TPN will be established to support local education, conservation, and agricultural practice improvement activities.

Watershed Management Plan

TW-DWU works in collaboration with the University of Arizona and the Dine College Land Grant Office to study, assess and understand water use and demand within our community. This study proposes to 1) provide a report of water resources and analysis compiles from July 2017 to June 2019, 2) develop a literature review that supports policy recommendations toward an Integrated Watershed Management Plan, and 3) build-capacity between the TW-DWUA, the Tsaile/Wheatfields/Blackrock Chapter and Navajo Nation Departments and Agencies through community outreach and strategic meetings. This document aims to serve as a tool to support effective decision-making for implementing an Integrated Watershed Management Plan that will address community priority concerns for the Tsaile/Wheatfields/Blackrock Chapter. Our current initiative is to improve the community’s major water hauling site known as Tse’zhin bi to’.

Chuska Farmers

The Chuska Farmers are a group of beginning farmers whom farm along the Chuska Mountains that are assisting each other as a supportive group to enhance their farming techniques and their entrepreneurial skills. The group is attending regularly scheduled workshops and meetings to develop their skills in efforts to get their fresh, healthy produce accessible to local markets within the Navajo Nation. The Chuska Farmers have a community-based greenhouse at the Dine College Land Grant Office where they are provided a hands-on learning experience.

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